Why…Feel The Burn !


  Why… Feel The Burn !                    


 Why do we have to feel the burn when we’re working out? It’s tough trying to feel it and continue. Many want to stop when they feel tired from exercise, but that’s when you have to keep pushing. That’s when your work out counts the most is when you feel that burn, tiredness in your muscles. Why continue ?                

The reason is your muscles are tearing and getting bigger. Your muscles are changing/ transforming. Sometimes I don’t feel like working out , I’m feeling a little tired, but when I force myself to get up and exercise I feel great and for the fact of pushing myself …feeling the burn and completing the work out! It’s an amazing feeling ! You can do it too if you want your body to change. You have to continue when you feel it, that’s when your work out counts the most when you continue exercising …when you feel the burn! It’s feels like an accomplishment when you finish the work out. You can do it ! Please free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 




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