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What I have found 

I have done a lot of research over the last couple of years.  I have searched and have come across so many online opportunities that seemed like they were legit.They had their website, an email and some some a telephone number to reach them, but it turned out they were scams. Some I found were legit, but I couldn’t afford the investment. I was searching online for an opportunity to work from home because of too many child care issues , being a single mom without any family here, the day care centers were all filled up , it was really stressful and I needed to figure out someway to take care of my children.

  • One day I came across a business opportunity called ” Craft Assembly ” . The websites is You  can assemble CD cases, crafts, dolls, key chains and other crafts to make money. There was an 800 number to call so I did and spoke to this man, he seemed really nice. He told me what I had to do to assemble the products, put them in the box provided, there were prepaid shipping labels provided, ship it back then once they receive it they cut a check. The man asked me if an extra $400 a month would help me? I said yes, but I felt this opportunity sounded too good to be true so I checked it out.

I found out that the directions were not as easy to follow as the company claims. There were complaints about not getting paid , the company said when they received the assembled products, they didn’t meet their standards. People were scammed because they paid the $35 to receive these products to assemble, put them together, but didn’t get paid for their hard work.

VERDICT:  SCAM ! Stay away from this fraudulent company!

My Recommendation 

Wealthy Affiliate 

May 9th 2016 By Elizabeth 

Overall ranking : 98/100

Price : Free To Start 

Owners : Kyle and Carson 

Website :


I have found after doing my research and reading reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, that this is a legitimate online business opportunity. I was unsure at first because of all the scams out there, but after I checked it out I knew this was for real. I saw shortly after I started how wonderful and supportive the community in WA is. The people here are very helpful, sweet, everyone encourages each other. It’s amazing.


The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

It’s free to start and there are simple step-by-step instructions

The training, videos, tutorials, classrooms and the community

You get 2 free great websites

You will receive help 24 hours a day

There is  spam free protection

You have access to the experts and millionaires in the industry

The best part is its free to get started. This is the only program in the industry that won’t break your wallet. I’m sure that once you give wealthy affiliate a chance and see for yourself, you will love it, if not it’s ok. I understand your skepticism ,but you will see yourself how wonderful WA is.wa_super_affiliate_250x250 provides a great service and incredible community for support and encouragement. If you are looking for a way to work from home ,then look no further. You will receive all the help, support, tools and services you need at wealthy affiliate.

What’s amazing about WA too, is that it is easy for beginners/newbies. When you get started, you will immediately see why WA is the best!

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training and tools in the industry to help you succeed in your business.

There are live training classes each week.

It has organized classrooms, interactive discussions, tutorial & video training.

There are task based courses.

It seems like a lot, but it is well worth what you receive in the training and everything you learn. You will be amazed with WA, the community, the encouragement and support! I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’ve a lot the last couple years.

WA offers the tools and services you need to accomplish the writing and building of your website.

When you become a member you will receive the following:

Keyword & Competition Tools

Word Press Express

Low Competition Keyword Lists

Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)

Access to over 2,400 website templates and themes

Have the ability to add over 30,000 different features to your site

At Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to worry about feeling lost and not getting the help you need

The Cost 

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership prices:

Starter Members $0 to join

Premium Members $47 a month/$359 a year wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but you will have access to the wonderful community which includes over 500 training modules, live chat, 3 classrooms, networking, two free websites and so on.

There is no other program out there that can offer this much and not cost an arm and a leg. You never have to worry about being scammed again.

The Overview

Name : Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL:

Owners : Kyle and Carson

My Ranking : 98/100

My Verdict 

Totally Legit ! 

If you would like to leave your comments or review of Wealthy Affiliate please do so below. I would love to hear your feedback. Have an awesome day!