My Review of NutriSystem!



Price: Basic $9.82 s a day, $274.99 a month- Uniquely Yours- Diabetes $334.99 a month

Review: 3/5 


This is my review for the weight loss program for  There are many programs out there to help us lose unwanted inches and pounds. Sometimes we need a little push and encouragement to help us stay on the right track. I went to the Nutrisystem and read about the price for meal plans, how the program works and the reviews. I personally tried it myself a while ago and my mom as well. This was a few years ago. Here are my thoughts about the diet program. 


What I liked about meal plan were the snack bars, cereal and a couple meals like the lasagna and pizza. They tasted pretty good.

The  shakes were pretty good, the chocolate. These shakes do help to curve your cravings which are great.      

Another  plus is $30 off when you refer a friend                                        


What I didn’t were  the tiny portions. The portions are so small and I don’t eat a lot. I eat enough to keep me satisfied. I watch the portions when I eat, half an apple with my lunch, I eat just half a sandwhich and have some fruit with my lunch and a glass of ice water. Portion control is important but not too small to where you would still feel hungry.                               

Second the texture and taste of some of the meals were really bland and did not taste good at all. 

The price is pretty high and not everyone can afford an extra $2-300.00 a month on top of their regular grocery shopping for example, buying groceries for the family. They’re not eating the Nutrisystem meals so you’re spending a lot more money getting both. 

I don’t like that you have to pay even more to be able to choose what you want. There shouldn’t limitations on being able to choose what meals and snacks you want, they’re all healthy and a representative can guide and suggest what would probably help with the meal plan.  

Overall Nutrisystem is a good weight loss plan, however it isn’t for everyone just like the fitness programs are not for everyone. Each person is different and has to choose the program that best suits there needs. It wasn’t for my mom either. She didn’t like the texture of some the meals and the price was too much. I think that’s something they can work on making it more affordable.

Final Verdict : Good Product 


It  has worked for a number of people and that’s wonderful, but not all. I think could make some improvements on the meals and the prices. It’s about attracting the consumer right? I’m here if you have any questions. Please feel free to reach out to me.




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