Good Regimen To Follow

appetizer-1386743_640 Good Diet Regimen To Follow

I’m also going to share with you a diet regiment that I follow each day and it works well. It’s important along with regular exercise, to eat the foods that are good for you. It’s scary to think that if we consume a lot fast food, sweets, foods high in sodium, calories, we are facing serious health problems such as diabetes, heat disease, kidney problems, clogged arteries which can lead to a heart attack and cancer. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and could result in a stroke. I’m into living a long, healthy life and avoid as much as possible these serious health conditions and diseases. Down below is a regimen that I follow:


 Sliced , fresh peaches on whole wheat toast with drizzled honey or cinnamon, 1 hard boiled egg and a small glass of orange juice, milk or water

Snack: Grapes, apple slices, fiber one bar, glass of milk or water or smoothie of your choice. 

Lunch: Either a turkey sandwich with light mayo, lettuce , tomato if you choose or without is good too, about 4 carrot sticks and celery, grapes, apple slices or strawberries, a fruit of your choice. Or a grilled chicken wrap with a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a little parmesan cheese and just a little lite Caesar dressing .Apples, oranges and berries are the best fruit to have because they have less sugar. A glass of water


Peach, pear or apple slices or wheat thin crackers and baby bell cheese and a glass of water 

smoothie- strawberry, raspberry made fresh from home


Lean , boneless, skinless chicken with either broccoli, carrots, asparagus , green beans, whole grain rice, fish with veggies , green beans, broccoli , etc. glass of water or milk. Pork with a side of pasta noodles with olive oil and a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese& mushrooms with carrots, broccoli or green beans.

Snack: Jello- any flavor , bowl of strawberries , oranges, pear, apple slices

It’s ok to have a lite snack after dinner, but stick with these lite options .If we eat to late we’re not going to be burning off the calories while we sleep. We do need some fat so its ok to have a little mayo on our sandwiches . Avacado has healthy fats. Eating half an avocado is good to eat , its high in protein. I like to add a little avocado to my sandwich, salad, homemade tacos or wraps, they are healthier because avoiding the bad fat, calories and preservatives from restaurants. Adding cilantro to your tacos is delicious and nutritious.

It’s ok to have a little mashed potato on your dinner plate as long as it is a smaller portion  and the vegetables have the biggest portion. I learned this from a dietitian. In everything moderation is important. Pasta is ok but instead of the store bought, either make homemade spaghetti sauce or just have shrimp and add olive oil, mushrooms, some tomato and a little parmesan. 

  You can add natural seasonings and Herbs to your meals that add flavor and won’t be harmful to your health like cilantro, rosemary, basil, and so on. If you have a desire for pizza you can eat and cut down on the fat and calories by either choosing from Papa Murhy’s, the Gourmet Veggie on thin crust, chicken artichoke or make a pizza from home with vegetables, chicken , the leanest ground beef or chicken sausage which is delicious and so much better for you . You can still treat yourself , but make some changes with the ingredients to eat a healthier meal.

 From the research I’ve done, and from what I have learned and have tried , this regimen works along with regular exercise. I hope this information is helpful to you ? It has worked for me. My contact information is below. You can do it!


Your Friend,