Feel The Pain Of Exercise or Feel The Pain Of Regret!

Feel The Pain Of Exercise or Feel The Pain Of Regret ! 


Exercise is hard and more than on occasion you don’t want to feel the pain, tiredness from working out or running. You have to think to yourself that you will regret it if you don’t get out there and get the exercise you need. There are medical conditions that make exercise more challenging including pushing yourself to work out or go for a walk/run.  Do it anyway, you will thank yourself . 



I’ve had ailments that made it an uphill battle , feeling the burn and pain from working out, but I knew I still had to do it and I did. I felt my muscles feeling tired , but I pushed through until I finished my work out or run.  I felt amazing afterwards. My health improved as well. I used to be a pre-diabetic , but with staying focused and getting out there I’m my blood sugar levels have been normal along with a healthy diet. You will regret not working out, feeling the release of endorphins as well. This is another reason for feeling the pain from exercise… if you’re feeling down about something or having a bad day, go for a run, work out from home in your living room or go for a brisk walk with a friend. 


Take these steps to” Just DO It”, like the saying goes . You can do it. Feel the pain from working out , not the pain of regret.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 






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