Exercise for Expecting Moms

Pregnancy and Exercise           

It’s important during pregnancy to exercise, nothing too strenuous , but this will help the mom with her mood swings , with labor and delivery and make it easier and faster to get the weight off after the baby is born. It’s important to exercise before, during and after the pregnancy for this reason.

Going for a walk is a low impact exercise that is beneficial for the expecting mom. Walking for ten minutes is as effective as a 30 minute walk. Swimming, aqua aerobics is another great exercise for women . This is  comfortable and soothing being in the water and getting exercise at the same time.

Indoor Cycling-stationary bike is another good exercise during pregnancy , you will break a sweat without putting pressure on the legs and ankles. As the baby grows , there is pressure put onto the lower body and it would be harder on the expecting mom to do these and could result in injury. Here are some great low-impact work out DVD’s to check out at Amazon.com

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It’s the best when expecting a baby . It’s tough for most women after the baby is born because the metabolism slows down, lack of energy from being tired, stress and so on, but with a healthy diet and exercise this will change. Please feel free to leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.