An Exercise Partner Helps Motivate !

An Exercise Partner Helps Motivate!


We all have those days when we really don’t feel like working out or going for a walk or run, but when we have a friend work out, go for a walk/run with with us…this helps motivate us to go for it. It’s true for me, when I have a friend run with me, I feel more encouraged to get out there.  I think it really helps to push me to continue when I feel like giving up.  Having an exercise partner helps us to keep moving, finish our work out or run.

I understand even with a partner it’s a challenge, but having  someone there by your side to hold you accountable and won’t let you give up is great ! Both of you together can get that effective work out. It’s a challenge for me sometimes to complete my run or exercise and that’s why it helps so much to have someone there with me to push… cross that finish line.  I’m here if you have any questions. Please feel free to reach out to me. Remember you can do it ! You’re stronger that you think you are. 



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