An Early Run Is A Great Start To Any Day !

An Early Run Is A Great Start To Any Day ! 

A great way to start your day is going for a run. This helps to give you a jump start to your day. Running or any exercise before work if you can, would help brighten your day and help you to feel more encouraged. I feel this way when I go for a run before I do anything else. This is due to releasing endorphins, it’s like a natural anti-depressant to help you feel happy and ready for what your day brings.

What exercise can do too is get your frustrations out, while you’re running or any exercise you can think about what might be upsetting you. Taking the time to go for a run can help you release these feelings/ emotions and feel better. This is true for me.

When I’m feeling frustrated about something, I go for a walk or run, enjoy the scenery and come back with a smile on my face. Take the opportunity if you can in the morning to do something good for yourself. I understand for some it’s not possible because you have to be a work early in the morning so on your day off go for it. 

This is another step you can take to not only live a healthier lifestyle , but help start your day on a more positive way. You’ll feel you’re ready to take on your daily tasks, responsibilities. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m here for you ! Remember you can do it ! 



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