5 Reasons To Exercise !

5 Reasons To  Exercise ! 

  There are 5 important reasons to exercise …the many benefits that help us physically and psychologically. First when you exercise you release endorphins. These act like an anti-depressant which in turn makes you feel happy. I know I do after my work out and run…I feel so much better mentally.        

Second is brain health. When you exercise, your body pumps more oxygen to the brain as well as produces more brain cells. Third is heart health. Your heart needs exercise. It needs to pump harder . This helps to keep the heart healthy and pump blood through your body properly. Fourth is Disease prevention.  There are so many diseases out there and with lack of exercise, you’re increasing your chances of the following: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and so on.  

Exercise helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, clean arteries, a healthy heart and other vital organs. Exercise is vital to living a healthy and longer life. I want to be around to see my boys grow up , get married and have children and become a grandmother. I know  it’s not always easy to get moving, but I think what helps is wanting to live a healthy and longer life. Enjoy life because life is short. Make the best of it.            

 You can do it, make take these steps to live a healthy lifestyle. The fifth and last reason is for overall health and happiness. You can make exercise fun. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are so many forms of exercise and physical activities. Make it fun !  Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Take Care ! 

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